Because of their high reactivity amines, either as such or in the form of their derivatives, find numerous uses in a wide range of fields. The most important applications for the alkylamines in our product range are the following:

  • as intermediates for the synthesis of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides and for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals (anesthetics, antibiotics, antiseptics)
  • as catalysts for chemical reactions, polymerization reactions and polycondensation reactions
  • as starting compounds for the manufacture of corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers (am-photeric surfactants), flotation aids, detergents and ion exchange resins
  • for the manufacture of chemicals for rubber processing, e.g. vulcanization accelerators and antioxidants as well as stabilizers, antistatic agents and plasticizers
  • as intermediates for the synthesis of dye components, and textile auxiliaries
  • as synthesis starting products for the manufacture of antistatic and impregnating agents for textiles
  • as hardeners for epoxy resins
  • in the form of solvents or reactive solvents, for example in metal extraction
  • for the manufacture of developers in the photographic industry
  • for the manufacture of anticaking agents
  • as a component of additives for the gasoline and lubricant sector