Corporate Structure

US Amines is part of the international group US Amines Ltd.

Kevin Mc Nally is President of US Amines Ltd, which has three world-scale production facilities in Mobile, Alabama and Portsmouth, Virginia, USA. An additional plant, African Amines is located in Newcastle, South Africa. See the African Amines link for more information.


US Amines manufactures and distributes a variety of alkyl and allyl amines. The quality of our products are unsurpassed in the industry. Alkylamines and allylamines are used as basic materials, predominantly in agro chemicals but also in rubber processing, water treatment chemicals, pharmaceuticals and others.


Safety and Environmental Commitment

At US Amines, we are committed to operating our facilities safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes active employee safety, process safety, training, and environmental programs. We encourage all employees to identify and eliminate hazards in our Hazard Recognition Process. By eliminating unsafe acts and hazards through hazard recognition, safety performance is enhanced. This is a proactive program to eliminate injuries before they happen. We are also committed to operate our plants in an environmentally friendly manner and maintain compliance with all of our environmental permits. We are active in our local Community Advisor Panels, Industry Panels, and Environmental Organizations.

The Portsmouth ship yard. A popular tourist attraction not far from the U. S. Amines plant.
The Portsmouth ship yard. A popular tourist attraction not far from the U. S. Amines plant.
Azaleas at the entrance to Mobile Plant


Mobile, Alabama – USA Alkyl Amines
Portsmouth, Virginia – USA Allyl Amines
Newcastle – SA Methyl Amines