Safety Notes

As the liquid alkylamines are strong, lipidsoluble bases, they are corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes, and therefore it is imperative to avoid contact with these.

Amine vapors, if inhaled, cause inflammation of the respiratory organs. Even in low concentrations amine vapors cause damage to the conjunctiva.

The maximum workplace concentrations of the low boiling amines are approximately the same as the value for ammonia.

In view of these physiological properties alkylamines must be regarded as dangerous substances as defined in the German regulations on dangerous substances.

When alkylamines are handled, protective clothing, gloves and close-fitting goggles must be worn. Splashes on the skin must be washed off immediately with plenty of water. Splashes in the eyes must be treated in the same way (eye wash bottles). Inhalation of alkylamine vapors must be avoided. Clothing splashed with the product must be changed immediately.

If the eyes are damaged, a doctor must be called at once.